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Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind


This year I completed trained in the TBR 3 step rewind technique aimed to help relieve the symptoms of perinatal trauma. This technique incorporates relaxation and visualisation techniques. The aim of this technique is to allow you to remember the event without the strong emotions which may be currently attached to it and may be having an adverse effect on your day to day life


TBR 3 Step Rewind is:

*  TBR 3 Step Rewind lifts the toxic emotion that is linked to memory.

* The memory will still exist but the disturbing emotions associated are dissipated.

* From a neurological perspective, the memory can be properly processed into the long term memory store.

* The memory is scaled using a Subjective Unit of Distress scale (SUDS) before and after to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

* Hearing your story (should you want to tell it) and understanding the changes you would like to experience with the symptoms lifted

* Deep relaxation, remembering the event in a specific way whilst feeling safe and secure

* Imagining coping in the future and responding differently


Who is it for?

Have you suffered with any of the following?

* Traumatic birth recovery

*  The long, invasive fertility journey

* Unplanned pregnancy

* Pregnancy complications

*  Miscarriage

*  Poor postnatal care

*  Breastfeeding difficulties

*  Sleep deprivation

* Witnessed any of the above


Please note

 The 3 Step Rewind is not suitable for if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and you are receiving treatment for it, or if you are seeking a diagnosis. 

I am not qualified to provide a diagnosis but as a counsellor I can work with your mental health


 • TBR 3 Step Rewind process is 3 steps


Step 1 is 90 minutes.

· I will listen so you feel heard, you will be able to better understand what you had been through and how the trauma affected you

·        To help you with a better understanding of what happens to your body when the fight, flight or freeze happens as well as anxiety

· You don’t have to share your story

· will be able to imagine how

· You will get to experience what it feels like without the distressing symptoms, whilst deeply relaxed.

· I will help you to ground yourself and meditation, I will give you a recorded mp3 of a relaxation to practice

10 days to 2 weeks later than step 2

Step 2

This session lasts for 60 minutes and involves

· How the rewind works

· To experience the memory without the emotions

· Relaxation, remembering the event in a specific way, whilst feeling safe and secure

· To experience your future, how to respond differently

The rewind help releases you from the trauma


Step 3:

This session lasts for 30 minutes,

· To go over how things are and to review

· Relaxation

· Imagining coping in the future and responding differently


What change can be expected from the process?

To experience your future, how to respond differently

To help you manage the difficult emotions that are related from the trauma.


Time of each session:

Step 1

Step 1 is 90 minutes

Step 2

This session lasts for 60 minutes

Step 3:

This session lasts for 30 minutes,


Testimonial review:

Completed the rewind sessions with Nikki to support the healing of a birthing from many years ago. Nikki’s patience with me throughout the process was incredible, Nikki responded to my individual needs and happily added on an extra session for me as my brain didn’t always play ball! I feel so much 'lighter' now and feel I have made peace. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nikki and her rewind practice to anyone who is needing to move on from a birth trauma. Cooper 

Where to find me: Vine Hill Close, Rushden, NN10 8EH, United Kingdom
e:  nikki.roberts@                                                                                                                      
Call us:  0 750 7176719


Location: Highham Ferrers, Northampton

  • Corby (33 Minutes)
  • Kettering ( 25 Minutes)
  • Rushden (6 Minutes)
  • Towcester (32 Minutes)
  • Wellingborough (14 Minutesa

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