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If you are reading this you have taken the first step to look at getting some help, meaning things have become difficult, challenging or a major struggle and you can't move forward as your day to day life feels you have lost control, you're unhappy, stuck and frustrating at times and don't know where to start or how to get out of the situation you're in.


No two people are the same, talking about what you are going through can help, especially if it's someone who isn't in your friends or family circle.


I am a qualified, experienced and compassionate counsellor with over a thousand counselling hours of hearing what unique individuals have to say and help them find their way through their life. working through what has your life upside down from past events to the here and now, helping you to overcome situations that that you havn't been in control of or even no how to get out of.


I work with adults and children who need counselling when they are struggling to move forward in life due to


·         overwhelming anxiety,

·         panic attacks,

·         child abuse

·         PTSD

·         flashbacks

·         reliving trauma,

·         stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts

·         constant worrying

·         anger & aggression

·         not sleeping

·         guilt

·         shame

·         self-esteem

·         self-confidence.

·         loss



I can help with providing you with a safe confidential space with time for you, for a 1:1 counselling session where it is all about you and what you are going through in your life.


If you look after everyone, who looks after you?




I also offer family work for extra support when working with trauma & PTSD, so they can help and support you (see my support group page).                     


When a sudden traumatic event happens causing your life to spirals out of control at a blink of an eyes, and out of your hands, leaving a trail of destruction and devastating effect which can leave your life, in chaos and you just can't get your head round it.


  • Changing your life.
  • You have new fears and strong reactions.
  • The people in your life don’t get it, or even know how to help you.
  • You keep hoping your life will get back to normal, but there doesn’t seem to be a normal anymore.
  • Nothing is getting easier, and you aren't getting better.
  • You go through stages of loss such as feeling frustration, scared, blame, disbelief, guilt, denial, angry and you feel all alone.




Mental health is a condition, it’s not something 'you will just get over'. I'm here to listen so you feel heard, I can offer you support to help you live again from suddenly panic attacks, or anxiety can go from the little bit we need from having an exam or a first date to crippling and debilitating overwhelming amount where you can't go out, and before you realise it you have isolated yourself and even to afraid and depressed.


Do you have a safe space

You are enough

 I am located at:

Higham Ferrers, Kettering, Wellingborough & Northampton.



I have limited availability for evening appointments in Higham Ferrers.


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