Due to Covid-19: I am accepting new clients,  offering telephone or online counselling (via skype or zoom) untill the restrictions and lockdown is lifted and it is safe to offer face to face once again.




Welcome to know your own mind counselling, please come in and have a look around.


If you are reading this you have taken the first step to look at getting some help.


You may be feeling apprehensive about coming to counselling, we will explore anything that has you struggling to cope with or just need someone to talk to, I'm here to help you feel heard, it’s all about you and we will go at your pace.


I am a qualified, experienced and compassionate counsellor with over a thousand counselling hours.

Working together through what has your life turned upside down from past events to the here and now.


I can provide you with a safe confidential space with time for you, for a 1:1 counselling session where it is all about you and what you are going through in your life.


I work with adults and children who need counselling when they are struggling to move forward in life due to.


  •  Anxiety
  •  Panic attacks
  •  PTSD
  •  Flashbacks
  •  Reliving trauma,
  •  Negative thoughts
  •  Constant worrying
  •  Anger & aggression
  •  Not sleeping
  •  Guilt
  •  Shame
  •  Self-esteem
  •  Self-confidence
  •  Loss
  •   and the list goes on.


If you look after everyone, who looks after you?


When a sudden traumatic event happens to cause your life to spiral out of control, leaving a trail of destruction and devastating effect which can leave your life, in chaos and you just can't get your head around it.


These happen:

  • Changing your life.
  • You have new fears and strong reactions.
  • The people in your life don’t get it, or even know how to help you.
  • You keep hoping your life will get back to normal, but there doesn’t seem to be normal anymore.
  • Nothing is getting easier, and you aren't getting better.
  • You go through stages of loss such as feeling frustrated, scared, blame, disbelief, guilt, denial, angry and you feel all alone.


It’s difficult enough when you’re not in control of everything in your life, let alone having to decide on what counsellor to work with, but most importantly are they the right one for you? Can you connect with them? Are you able to feel comfortable with them? As you need to be able to tell them all you need to work on as you will be seeing them for as long as you need help, and you will be telling them your deepest darkest things you’re struggling with.



Do you have a safe place?

Do you have a safe space in your mind that make you feel ok?


Lavender is a soothing, calming smell.



You are good enough

Be mindful in your everyday life.