Who am I?

I am Nikki 


What made you want to become a counsellor?

I had a life-changing accident in 2004

I had no idea what to do or who to turn to, it was frightening, and lonely, and being made to feel it was all in my head.

I got passed from doctor to consultant and still had no idea, what was wrong, or what to do, I continued with the ongoing treatments.


I decided I had to look at my own fears, hurt and pain and turn it around to give me my own wealth of understanding. I went on a pain management course for a month at Bath pain clinic, to help me learn I will always be in pain so I had to change from the pain controlling me to I'm in control of my pain.


I decided to start a counselling course in 2009 and work my way up the levels, working hard to get where I am today. I have had to learn to accept what happened and take control of my life. I decided I wanted to be someone who people go to when they are going through a tough time, could turn to, so that's just what I did.







Have I had counselling at all?

I had different kinds of counselling, CBT, solution focus and others, some good counsellors and some not so good, nothing really helped, I tried again and worked with the counsellor for a number of sessions but it wasn't enough, I couldn't afford a lot of counselling, so I was left high and dry.


Another reason I decided that I wanted to find out what I needed to learn to work with trauma and the process I went through to be able to do the job as I learnt what would have helped me.

I wanted to help others to help themselves, having both experienced and gaining knowledge.





How long did it take you to get where I am now?

I chose a path to become a counsellor, 11 years ago, also finding out I am dyslexic but I didn't let that stop me. I followed it through, step by step gaining different qualifications, and learning who I am along the way.

I qualified as a personal centred counsellor and went on to qualify as a crisis and trauma, CBT, building up areas to be able to work with trauma and PTSD (see my qualification page) I am at present finishing off, domestic abuse, working towards my accreditation.

I am committed to carrying out the continued personal development that we have to, to keep up with up to date information for evidence-based therapy. I also have an up to date enhanced DBS.


Are you a member of a governing body?

Yes, the BACP my registered number is 117540



Do I enjoy what I do?

Yes, I'm passionate about my work, meeting lots of unique individuals that got lost along the way, it’s a pleasure working with you, also in meeting and helping work through, anything from anxiety, relationship problems, bullying in the workplace, child sex abuse and lots of other traumatic areas in their lives as well as find themselves and take back the control of their lives. Helping to learn that you do deserve a better life if find you were in a violent relationship, or trauma and working with you for as long as you need me or until you can work to take back your control.


* 2013 - present - counselling - I have been working at a mental health charity for the last 8 years. I have a wealth of experience and a special interest in working with trauma and PTSD and I am passionate about what I do.


* 2017 - I set up my own private practice ' Know Your Own Mind.


* 2019 - Embrace - children’s charity helping children and young people, have been through domestic violence, abuse or trauma. 




What you can expect?

I am a qualified, experienced and compassionate counsellor with over a thousand plus counselling hours of helping unique individuals find their way through their challenges and difficulties and can now manage on their own.

Working with me, helped them identify and sort out what they needed to work through in a safe space and be able to feel heard.


I have a special interest in helping people work through their life’s difficulties, and challenges, so when you are struggling with out of control emotions, and need help, let me help you move forwards.


I work with adults and children from all walks of life, who need counselling when they are having difficulties moving forward in life due to overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, reliving traumatic moments, being stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, constant worrying or from any kind of trauma and need some help.


I can help with providing you with a safe confidential space with time for you, for a 1:1 counselling session, where it is all about you, especially if you look after everyone, who looks after you?


I also offer family work for extra support when working with trauma & PTSD, so they can help and support you (see my support group page).       




             Contact me:

Phone :07507176719

Email : nikki.roberts@knowyourownmind.co.uk

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