All about me.

Who am I?

I am Nikki


What made you want to become a counsellor?

I had a life changing accident 13 years ago, I experienced a roller coaster of emotions. I became angry, snappy, bursting into tears at the slightest thing, frustrated that I couldn't walk, and started to experience nightmares, flashbacks, feeling isolated and not knowing who I could talk to. People I thought were my friends didn't want to know me. With no idea what to do or who to turn too, it was frightening. I got passed from doctor to doctor, consultant to consultant and still no idea what to do, I continued with the on going treatment.

I looked at my own fears, hurt and pain giving me my own wealth of understanding. I worked hard to get where I am today. I have had to learn to accept what happened and take control of my life. I decided I wanted to be someone who people go to, when they are going through a tough time, could turn to, So that's just what I did.


Have I had counselling at all?

I had different kinds of counselling, CBT, solution focus and others, some good counsellors and some not so good and nothing really helped, I tryed again and working with the counsellor for a number of sessions but it wasn't enough, I was left high and dry. I decided that I would be able to do that job as I knew what would have helped me.

I wanted to help others to help themselves, having both experienced and gaining the knowledge.


How long did it take you to get where I am now?

I chose a path to become a counsellor, 9 years ago, also finding out I am dyslexic but I didn't let that stop me. I followed it through to the end. I Gained different qualifications along the way, I qualified as a personal centered counsellor and crisis and trauma counsellor, building up areas to be able to work with trauma and PTSD (see my qualification page) I am at present doing a CBT,  Art therapy course & working towards my accreditation.


Do I enjoy what I do?

Yes, I'm the type of person that once I get an idea of doing something in my head, I follow it through to the end. I have been working at a mental health charity for the last 6 years.

I have a wealth of experience and a special interest working with trauma and PTSD and I am passionate about what I do.


What others say about me!

Easy to talk to, shows empathy, accepted who I am, understanding, friendly, gentle and a kind motherly nature and gets you to open up to her.



 I am located at:

Higham Ferrers, Kettering, Wellingborough & Northampton.




I have availability to work with you in your own home.

I have limited avalabilit for evening appointments in Higham Ferrers 

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